Weird Travel Places – “Waiter, There’s a Waterfall in My Soup.”

Some people make a sport of seeking out the strangest, most striking and bizarre places on earth. Our “Weird places” blogs give them an encouraging nudge in a new direction. What would you think of a deafening dinner at the foot of a waterfall?
Beneath the Labassin falls in the Villa Escudero resort in the Philippines, you can dine amidst the deafening roar of falling water. A pleasant place for couples in crisis, as you won’t be able to talk or listen to each other. Nevertheless, it’s worth visiting just to experience this twist of nature. Slip off your shoes, step into the cool water and enjoy a traditional Philippine meal at a bamboo table!


restaurant at the foot of a waterfall


Air conditioning
Waterfalls are marvellous for cooling you down in the tropical heat of the Philippines. With your feet in the water and more running down behind your back, the water acts like a kind of air conditioning. So if you want cool down effectively, the restaurant entices you to eat as close to the waterfall as you can. No good if you’re afraid of water though.
buffet in a waterfall restaurant
The waterfall is an overflow for the Labassin Dam. At the beginning of the 20th century, Don Arsenio Escudero built the country’s first hydroelectric dam to supply power to his desiccated coconut factory and villa. The dam’s reservoir has since turned into a lake with a number of tourist attractions, including rafting on traditional bamboo rafts. So, if you feel you overindulged during your lunch under the waterfall, you can always partake of a more active aspect of the culture!

The Swimming Pigs

Swimming pig
There are people who make it a sport to visit the strangest and most remarkable places on earth. Our “weird places” blog is designed to give them a nudge in a new direction. Like the Bahamas—a beautiful region in the Caribbean Sea. It consists of some 700 islands with lots of sun, sea, beaches and… pigs?

The Jumbo Jet hotel




There are people who make it a sport to visit the strangest and most remarkable places on earth. Our “weird places” blog is designed to give them a nudge in a new direction.
Flying isn’t the most awful way to travel. In fact, some people can’t get enough of it. Are you one of those for whom the flight is actually the highlight of your trip? Then, shouldn’t you make the plane the place where you sleep?

The Upside Down House

Do you ever feel the need to turn everything on its head? I do. Pretty often, in fact. Maybe even a little too often. If this is a problem you’ve experienced, you might want to visit a house that stands upside-down in Moscow.

The Hill of Crosses

The Hill of Crosses lies about 12 kilometres north of the city of Šiauliai in Northern Lithuania. While the hill itself is nothing special, it is crammed with crosses.


And by crammed I mean really crammed. Nobody knows exactly how many crosses there are, but rough estimates in 1990 pointed to at least 55,000. By 2006, this number had grown to around 100,000. Clearly, the number of crosses is increasing rapidly.

Hill of crosses



The Cathedral of Junk

There are innumerable cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship all over the world. But this “cathedral” in Austin, Texas is probably one of the strangest on the planet, because it consists entirely of garbage. Waste. Junk.cathedralofjunk2

The Bubble Gum Lake

Some time ago, I wrote about blue lava. But Mother Nature has many more strange colour combinations to offer. In Australia they have a lake that is as pink as bubble gum.

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is situated on the central island of the Recherche Archipelago off the coast of South Western Australia. The closest town on the mainland is called Esperance. About two hundred years ago, the explorer Matthew Flinders climbed to the island’s highest point. Without knowing what to expect, he went to map out the area and then discovered this amazing lake.

Pink lake good 2

The African Switzerland

Ever heard of the African Switzerland? This place really exists. Better known as Ifrane, this village is located in the warm heart of Morocco. It was built by the French in the 1930s at an altitude of 1650 metres and looks a lot like a Swiss mountain village, which is how it earned the nickname “Africa’s Little Switzerland”.

Christmas trees and snow

The rocky landscape is covered with woods of cedar trees. These “Christmas trees” combined with Swiss-style chalets are reminiscent of skiing resorts in the Swiss Alps. And to make it all even more convincing, the snow can get thick here in winter.

Most of us see Africa as a warm continent, but Africa’s Little Switzerland is a cool oasis. You can also swap your skis for a horse and ride through the sycamores and poplars that line the river, which rushes downstream for hundreds of meters.

shutterstock_240071854 (1)

The Corny Maze

Plenty of American farmers create mazes in cornfields, but the Kings of the Corny Maze are without doubt Matt and Mark Cooley. These brothers cut a gigantic labyrinth through 63 acres of maize, which has become a popular tourist attraction. Pretty “a-maze-ing”, right?1656197_832637646758082_8700990179806171001_n

The Worlds Largest Mirror

At 10,582 square kilometres, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat. It has been a source of inspiration for filmmakers and photographers everywhere. Not so strange when you think about it. It is a surrealistic scene and an important tourist trap all at the same time.

The world’s largest mirror

During the rainy season, the flats are covered by the thinnest layer of water creating dazzling reflections and changing this otherwise rough landscape into the largest mirror on the earth’s surface.

Outside the rainy season, the flats are bright white. It can turn bitter cold at night, dropping to -20° C. The area lies at an altitude of 3650 metres and can best be described as desert as the air is extremely dry.


The Market Train

So you’re on the market, minding your own business, when suddenly a train comes thundering through your tranquil Friday afternoon. It may sound strange, but it’s all part of everyday life in the village of Maeklong, Thailand, where the railway runs straight through the busy market. There are even stalls in the middle of the tracks.

The Rocky Village

Some people live in the strangest places. But the village of Monsanto in Portugal has to be one of the most charming places on earth. The houses in this picturesque place are built between—and even under—gigantic boulders.shutterstock_102162055

The Blue Vulcano

A volcano is in itself a magnificent phenomenon, but the Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia is breathtakingly unique. It doesn’t spew forth flaming red lava, but bright blue flames. The turquoise lake that accompanies it, is recognized as the largest acidic crater lake in the world. But how did this come to be? In this edition of #weirdplaces we explain why this particular spot in the world also loves blue. (KLM approves).shutterstock_237708307

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